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Posted on August 28th, 2010, by Mary Jo

My good friend Kerry Beck is offering 13 interviews of homeschool experts to get your year off to the right start!

I’m honored to be one of the guests who was interviewed. I’ll share my strategioes for setting goals, staying organized, and balancing our many responsibilities. My interview will air this Monday, Aug. 30, 2:00-4:00 p.m. Central.

Kerry knows that sometimes we all need a little encouragement from homeschooling veterans–real parents who have real experience balancing homeschool, family, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring, and everything else that fills our days.

So, Kerry is hosting interviews of 13 homeschooling experts who have practical advice to help you get your homeschool year off to a great start.

–>> It’s called Homeschool Super Heroes Week!<<-- All you have to do is register for Homeschool Super Heroes Week, and you will have access each day to practical tips & tricks--absolutely free! No traveling. No hotel expenses. No registration fees. Here's where you can register and view a complete list of all the Homeschool Super Heroes and our topics:

Join us for Homeschool Super Heroes Week, and please invite your friends to join us as well!

Posted on August 15th, 2010, by Mary Jo

One of the things that single parents ask me about most often is how they can earn a living while staying at home with their children. I’ve gathered some of the best resources I’m personally familiar with, as well as a few recommended by friends I trust.

Working from Home by Paul and Sarah Edwards – the definitive guide, now in its 5th edition

How Do You Do It All? This is the home study course I created in response to so many people asking me how to balance family life and home business.

Get Started as a Freelance Editor So many people have asked me how to start a business as a freelance editor that I created this home study course. Editing is a great business if you have excellent grammar skills and an eye for detail.

A dear friend with a successful home business recommends this short quiz about starting an online business, which will direct you to three possible work-at-home jobs: virtual assistant (VA), ghost writer, or transcriptionist. Each guide is around $15 – good content for a great price.

If you’re an excellent typist, transcription can be an excellent home business. One of the transcribers I use is co-author of Train the Transcriber, a course to help you get started in business transcription.

Educating for Success – Rhea Perry’s online community for entrepreneurial education. I have known Rhea personally for many years, and she was instrumental in helping me grow my own business.

My friends Rhea Perry and Denise Lindvall have an online community for virtual assistants (VAs).

Workaholics 4 Hire
Includes telecommuting tips and job listings [both under “Job Seekers” tab]. I have heard the owner, Sylvie Fortin, speak at a conference. This company has an excellent reputation.

A single homeschooling mom recommends Demand Studios as “one of the most reliable writing opportunities on the internet.”

A homeschooling friend who works from home says the best place to go is Rat Race Rebellion. Click on “today’s job leads.” They also have it broken down like call center jobs, etc.

A homeschooling friend recommends as a place where WAHMs can scan for jobs and apply to ones that they seem to be a good fit for. She says to be sure to emphasize that you are an English-speaking native. Many VAs are overseas and charge much less per hour, but having one that has a solid grasp of English is a plus.

A homeschool friend recommends, the online magazine for work-at-home moms.

Christian Work at Home Moms – I am not personally familiar with this company, but the site looks useful. It includes job listings [click on “find a job” tab] and business comparisons [“find a business”].

CWAHM on Facebook

Merchandising and mystery shopping are not work at home, but they can be a flexible way to supplement your income.

Disclosure: Some of the resources above are affiliate links, and I make a commission on sales through them. FTC regulations require this disclosure. My position is that out of integrity, I don’t recommend anything as an affiliate that I wouldn’t recommend anyway without a commission. I have been careful to provide information about my degree of familiarity with each resource and why I have listed it.

Posted on August 15th, 2010, by Mary Jo

HSLDA’s scholarship fund for memberships:

The Home School Foundation’s Children of Single Parents Fund:

The Home School Foundation’s Widows Fund:

“Finding Normal Again” by Vicki Bentley

Solo Homeschooling Parents forum

Facebook group: Homeschooling and Single – for Moms

Special Needs Homeschooling (not just for single parents)

How Do You Do It All?
This is the home study course I created in response to so many people asking me how to balance family life and home business. It is not only for single parents, but about half of the students in the original live course were single moms, and they found it quite helpful.